Why raise hamburgers when you can eat filet mignon?

For those wanting Angus quality meat, but without the pure-bred price-tag, we breed a small number of 3/4 Angus weaners each year.

Raised for 4-5 months by quality Angus/Freisian cross cows with plenty of milk, our Boutique Beefies are sired by our top registered pedigree Angus sires, and with the resultant hybrid vigour get off to a flying start - averaging approximately 230kg when weaned.

Ideal for life-style blocks, our Boutique Beefies are well used to people, and have learned to be moved by calling, not being chased by dogs or quad-bikes, so they are very quiet and easy to handle.

Our Spring born Boutique Beefies are usually weaned and available by the end of January each year. We may also have some Autumn born weaners available at other times.

Insist on BOUTIQUE BEEFIES for your paddocks and in your freezer


Ask us to put you on our mailing list for advanced notice of stock coming up for sale.

What our clients say:

"They have arrived. They look great, nice and quiet too. Much appreciated, Calvin" - Palmerston North.