Onga Texels - registered pedigree stud

Onga Texels are bred from the best of South Island Texel Bell-View and Maple Genetics blood-lines, with top Welsh blood from the Vorn stud recently introduced.

Our entire flock carries double copies of the Myostantin double-muscling gene (rated MyoMAX GOLD), and are genetically Microphthalmia Free (i-SCAN CLR).

Using Onga Texel terminal rams will therefore ensure that all lamb progeny will carry at least one copy of the double-muscling gene, (even if absent in the ewes), gaining additional carcass meat and therefore better financial return.

Most of our rams will come running for baleage or a few sheep pellets, so they are extremely easy to handle and move around the farm.

We sell rams when 12 months old, ready for action, as well as lambs. Periodically we also have a few ewe lambs and ewe hoggets for sale.

All Onga Texels are sold with registration transferable.

Ask us to put you on our mailing list for advanced notice of stock coming up for sale.

What our clients say:

"Thanks for the ram registration transfer. Yes the ram is quite happy and relaxed- he is one very chilled ram, he is not pacing even though he is in another paddock next to the other sheep, he is just eating and enjoying the day, comes up for nuts. I hope he passes this and his conformation onto his offspring. Will let you know how we get on- we are keen to see what he can do for our flock, Mark" - Tuakau